Examples of Extranet Customization

We work with our clients to modify each extranet to meet their needs. All it takes is a phone call or an email with an idea and we will modify your site to tailor it to fit the way you work and what you want to accomplish. Below are some of the customizations - both large and small - that we have done for our clients. You can return to the "About T Lex" page whenever you're ready.

Some Big Things

It all begins with defining the fields and screens for the types of matters you want to manage. We start with basic fields but modify those to make sure we collect the information that matters to you. Different types of matters (by legal area or subject matter) can be treated differently and can be used as a basis for defining staffing, tools, etc. (e.g. a contract case can have different fields and features than a personal injury case).

The invoice submission and review process varies greatly from client to client. We build our system to track your existing workflow. For example, clients have review and approval processes that vary based on the amount of the legal bill that has been submitted. Everyone does it a little bit differently. Our workflow and screen reflect those variations and conditions to replicate -- but streamline -- the way you are used to doing things.

Reports of all types. Collecting data is just the first step. Being able to analyze it is where things get interesting. We build all types of custom report forms for our clients. Often, these are forms that let them define a range of criteria to run. At least as often, we create "canned reports" that allow them to retrieve often used information with a single click. Easy, fast and powerful.

Client and subject matter specific status reporting forms. Many of our clients already have one or more forms that their outside counsel use to provide them with status or other updates. We replicate those on our sites. Once again, the information is what you're used to seeing but the process is streamlined and the information more easily accessible.

Custom systems for assigning new matters and tracking to ensure that the assignments have been acknowledged. Also, tools for tracking important due dates (and issue reminders when necessary!) for status reporting, budget preparation, legal hold preparation, invoice submission or other regular deadlines.

One client that manages a large portfolio of litigation was having problem with defaults being entered because responsive pleadings weren't being filed on time. We created a system that let them track this information, and nag people who were close to missing a deadline. Result: a reduction in defaults.

Some Smaller (but Useful) Things

Our extranets send out all kinds of emails to the people responsible for each matter to inform them of changes, updates, etc. Some of our users asked for a way to redirect these emails to another person in their office who was covering their cases during out of office time. Great idea. Now they can do that in 2 clicks and change it back in one.

The litigation manager for one client prepares a weekly report of case developments for his general counsel. Cutting, pasting, culling for several hours a week. He asked if we could do better. Now he need only check off the cases with updates and the most recent developments are automatically assembled into a report. He can add any additional comments he wants and click; the report is sent to the GC with minutes, not hours, of effort.

Several clients have sensitive matters that only those with "need to know" should have access to. We created a "confidential" case system that allows only designated individuals to see these matters (our general approach is for the site "sponsor" to have access to all of it's matters).

We've created a way for our clients to collect, update and share information (both internally and with outside partners) that is of particular value to them. We've buit custom database systems to track product recalls, landlord and lease details, vendors, specialized technical literature, arbitrators and mediators and more. Knowledge is power. Easy access to, and appropriate sharing of, knowledge is a lot of power.

A "legal hold" submission and tracking system to ensure that statutory requirements are met in a timely manner. Legal hold recipients, and the content of legal hold letters, changes automatically based on the nature of the underlying proceeding. The system tracks the dates that various legal hold actions must be performed and nags people when they're late.

A way for all members of a large law department to "stand in the shoes" of a colleague who is out of the office. This system allows people to see the personalized information about matters, deadlines, action items, etc. that their absent colleague would see. Result: fewer things slipping through the cracks when someone is traveling, ill or on vacation.

The list of user-requested enhancements is all but endless. Just ask, and we'll do it for you.