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Visit the Demo Site

Use the form on the right to visit our demo site. The demo illustrates a prototypical - if basic - T Lex site.

The demo shows some of the features we offer, but it's like a model house with barebones furnishings. There's enough in the demo to gve you an idea of what we do - and it'll work fine as is. But it's best to use your imagination and visualize your own furniture in these rooms.

If you would like to arrange a "guided tour" of the demo site, please call us at (617) 731-2930 or drop us an e-mail to Or fill out the form for access to the demo right now.

Remember, the demo is only a model site -- each client's site is customized to meet its specific needs. We believe that our software should adapt to the way you work, not the other way around (click the "What We Do" link above to learn more about this).