About T Lex

In 1996 -- before the word "extranet" even existed -- Lee Glickenhaus, a litigation partner at Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo, P.C., one of Boston's largest firms, had an idea that this new "Internet thing" could change the way legal matters are managed. Since then, we've built extranets for corporations and law firms to let them use the Web to improve the way they manage their litigation and other legal matters.

We use digital age tools, but we're rooted in a few old fashioned values:

First is ease of use. We've invested thousands of hours, so that you don't have to. Our sites are intuitive and inviting. We offer training to our users, but ask them to take 15 minutes just exploring our sites first. It's amazing how few people feel the need for formal training after that. Of course, if and when you need help, it's just a click away because .....

Second, we are fanatical about quick and responsive service. If you have a question or a problem, you don't want to know that a "ticket has been opened". You want an answer or a solution. Don't listen to us - click the "What People Say" link above to see how we walk the service walk.

Third, is customization. Each extranet starts with a fully functional, if somewhat generic set of tools (much like our demo site). This system is ready to be used, but is not unlike an unfurnished house; it will provide shelter but isn't yet a home.

We then work with you to learn your existing systems, needs and workflow and set to work furnishing your site. From basic things like changing database fields to adding or modifying features, reports and workflow systems, we tailor the site to fit your needs. We ask our clients to use their imaginations and, once they get started, they never seem to have a shortage of ideas for ways that an extranet can save them time and effort.

Then we bring in the people -- usually outside law firms -- that you want to work with. Our sites have granular permissions. In general, the site "sponsor" has access to all matters and tools while third parties (such as outside counsel) can only see their own matters, and the tools and information to which the sponsor has given them access. But permissions can be set at any level based on any criteria. Access to defined resources (such as "confidential" matters) can be limited to certain groups of people (or a single person).

Finally... there is no "finally". Our sites are never finished; they are always evolving. We're always looking for ways to improve them, and our clients always have new ideas, needs and thoughts (they can be quite creative in thinking of new ways to put our tools to use). When they have a new idea, they give us a call, or drop us an email, and we set about making their dreams a reality.

You wouldn't buy a suit without having it tailored. It makes less sense to deploy a matter management system without tailoring it to fit your needs. One size simply does not fit all. You'll get more done more quickly with a system that is built around the way you are already working, rather than one that asks you to change the way you work to fit the way the program is written.

When you get started with a T Lex extranet, we'll have you up and running quickly -- more often than not, within a few days. Then the fun starts as you look things over and start to think about what you want to do with your site. You'll probably have changes you want to make right away, and once these are put in place you'll be good to go.

From there, the process is ongoing. We'll make modifications whenever you're ready, or when we have ideas as we work with you to learn how you work. Many changes take just a day or two to put in place; larger enhancements will take somewhat longer.

The process is never done. As people work with their extranet they are always finding new ways to use it. Many of our best features have come from our users' suggestions.

Click here to see examples of just a few of the custom elements we've added to our clients' extranets. Some are significant, many are small. But all of them help people get more done in less time and with less effort.

T Lex can be used in any situation in which it is necessary, or beneficial, to exchange information among people from more than one organization (such as a corporation or a law firm). But there are several recurring situations in which T Lex can add value. We have created extranets for use in each of these situations:

Corporations looking to better manage their current matters (cases, transactions, etc.), their accumulated intellectual capital and communications with their outside firms and other partners (such as claims administrators, etc). An extranet can improve both the efficiency and quality of work done by outside counsel.

Law firms looking to manage complex, multi-party litigation -- an extranet can permit defense groups to more effectively work together and can allow national counsel to better work with local counsel.

Law firms looking to enhance communication and collaboration -- and cement relationships -- with valued clients.

Several corporations working together to pool resources on matters of common interest; including sharing these resources with their outside counsel.

The digital age is wonderful, but some old fashioned values never go out of style. One of them is prompt, responsive customer service. We work hard to provide that to our clients, and they seem to appreciate it. Here's what a few of them have to say about T Lex (and President and lead developer Lee Glickenhaus):

One of our clients was so satisfied, he was moved to write an article about us for the Risk Management Society (RIMS). You can download a pdf version or view it on the RIMS site.

Here's what some others say:

"The litigation management program T Lex has designed is a very effective tool that allows our Risk Management Team to manage a high volume of litigated cases. We have found T Lex to be very flexible in meeting our needs and in processing requested changes in a very timely manner. It is my pleasure to recommend T Lex."
- Ken Klee, Director of Claims, Sears Holdings Corporation

"The T Lex product is excellent and easy to use, and they are completely responsive to all requests. We have had experience with other client extranet sites and there is no comparison in terms of ease of use, convenience, speed, and responsiveness to questions. I have found that it is easier to ascertain the complete status of a file using T Lex than it is to search through the physical file for information."
- Martin Sisselman, Sisselman & Schwartz, LLP.
"I was so impressed with T Lex's "hands-on" approach to customer service! I worked closely with them to customize the product for our needs."
- Judy Lambertz, Manager, Compliance and Litigation Services, Lear Corporation
"Lee has done a masterful job with T Lex. The product is excellent, the support is superb and I have recommended this product time and again."
- Jacey Kaps, Executive Committee Member, Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell
"Rarely does one find a new information tool so well suited to carry the promise of technology the next step forward. Using low-cost, simple and effective web technology, legal departments now can create specialized information centers to assist them with managing cases and outside counsel. T Lex provides users with plenty of extranet options, with additional customization available."
- Corporate Legal Times.
"In an ideal world, all the people with whom you work would be bright, interesting, and have integrity. Lee adds creativity to the mix, which only makes it that much better to work with him."
- Dan Ruderman, Regional Vice President, LexisNexis Examen Inc.
"I used T Lex's extranet when it was deployed by a client and was very impressed with the way that it improved communications between my law firm and the client who had deployed it. I was so impressed that I recommended T Lex to another large client. One of the things that distinguishes T Lex from other service providers is the fact that Lee is a very hands on president. I could email him with a suggestion or question and quickly have an answer (or the suggestion implemented)."
- Andrew Simpson, Attorney/President, Andrew C. Simpson, PC

We work hard on our extranets and TrialJuries. But there are other things in life, so we like to do some fun things too.

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